Lash Application

How to Apply False lashes


1. Begin by gently removing the lashes from tray by pulling it off with your thumb or lash applicator. Measure your Beauty Life lashes by placing them against each lash line. 

Tip: Begin with a full makeup in place, including mascara. Lashes come last!! Avoid getting mascara on the false lashes to extend their life.

2. If necessary trim the excess with scissors starting from the inner corner (The outer corner of the lashes tend to have the most volume) Check your work.


3. Apply a very thin layer of lash adhesive along the lash band and wait 15-20 seconds for glue to become tacky.


4. Using a pair of lash tweezers or fingers. Place lash starting in the center of your eye, as close to your lash line as possible. Work out to each corner, securing the entire strip. Make sure your Beauty Life lash is in place properly, and not pocking the inner corner of your eye. If it feels uncomfortable, it hasn't been applied right.   


Tip: If you need to touch up eyeliner wait until the glue dries completely.



Practice makes perfect!